Automotive Carbu & Choke Cleaner

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Automotive Carbu & Choke Cleaner

Quick Overview

WD-40 SPECIALIST AUTOMOTIVE (WAD - forty specialties auto

THROTLE BODY, CARB & CHOKE CLEANER (TrotBody Body, Crab and Shock Cleaner)

Product Features

• Butterfly wing cleaning spray Car Builder And shock to remove rubber stains, oil sludge Soot and dirt Carried out by the butterfly wings, cargillers and chokes quickly and safely, increasing the efficiency of the operator, and the combustion system of the engine, allowing the engine to start easily. Not quenched Reduce exhaust and black smoke

how to use

• Shake the can before use.

• Cover the car paint area before spraying the spray.

• Turn off the engine and let it cool. Then remove the air filter or air intake pipe (Intake pipe) from the butterfly wing And spray the cleaner outside the house Butterfly wings and all access points

• Start the engine and spray into the butterfly wings to clean the dirt on the choke and throttle valves

• Remove the PVC valve and spray the cleaner thoroughly. (If the spray is sprayed on the car's surface, rinse immediately

• Safe with catalytic catalytic converters converter (CAT) and oxygen sensor


• Place cans in areas where the temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius

• Do not store or spray the area with flames and sparks.

• Do not pierce or destroy cans when used

• Avoid inhalation during use

• Do not eat If swallowed Do not induce vomiting and seek medical attention immediately.

• Wash thoroughly after every skin contact with soap and clean water.

• should be kept out of the reach of children

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